Sunday, February 26, 2017

#35 Walrus

Seriously, Canada has such a wonderful biodiversity. So many (tough) animals live and thrive on Canadian soil. 

I am definitely stepping up my work and am trying to finish more than one painting each day. It takes discipline and planning to do this. I have a plan for most of the paintings, and it takes a while to prep the substrates. I prepare a lot of substrates at the same time and then I have enough substrates to keep me busy for at least a week.
I am also busy with writing proposals for future projects and for juried shows. It takes a lot of time to write up a new proposal and gather all the info - most calls for artists require a specific format (especially for the photos) and formatting is what also takes a lot of time. Therefore, every proposal is a new job because every photo has to be reduced or labeled in a different way.

#34 Narwhal

Here is one of my favourite animals of Canada! I had no idea they existed before moving here - Narwhal. Such an unique creature. I hope to see one in the wild some day.

#33 Seal

#32 Muskox

#31 Wolf

Running wolf, 11" diameter 3/4" thickness

#30 Polar Bear

Yeah! I made it - I painted another 30 in 30 days in January and this year it has been such a fun project. So much fun that I am going to double up from now on and try and finish 2 paintings each day for my Canada 150 project. I have a lot of substrates prepared already and am excited to continue painting all things Canada. It looks like half of my paintings will be animals and other half will be landscapes and motifs from Canadian lifestyle. 

We are having great weather now - temperatures are around zero Celsius and it is also sunny this week, not much wind! I go out as much as I can and walk and play in the snow. 

Here is a collage of all the 30 in 30 days paintings this year! 

#29 Black Bear

A lot of times I ask my family members for critiques of my paintings. Kids are really good at it because they are honest. My son told me I should probably tone down this one when I only used the bright pink on the edges of the painting (small circles and dots). So naturally, I go in a totally opposite direction and go a bit wild with bright pink!

As I was working on this painting, I remembered the dancing bears that Gypsies had in Yugoslavia where I grew up. They would bring the bears to cities and our neighbourhoods and play music and they would have these poor bears chained up and living in slavery and torture all their lives. I was always terrified of this and felt so bad for the bears. I have no idea how this was even allowed. I sure hope it does not happen any more. Anyways, I painted this little fellow as a happy, free bear with a lot of bright, cheerful colours.